restyled cupid’s hair because out of the box it was just a poofy mess with no real curl

Orianna has a face now!

I’m hung up now though.

Her outfit is far beyond my capacity for sewing, so I plan to sculpt it.

But the problem is, I don’t know¬†what to sculpt with.


ive been working on Orianna’s hair for a solid week and i’m still not satisfied with it

but if i cut any more it’s gonna be too short


apple with black yarn wig & red beanie

without the hair tie

not taking a shot without the hat though the wig was made to be w/ beanie and looks nasty without 

first wig i’ve made

looks like dreads

bad pic of my hipster ghoulia

when u finish a reroot and there’s hAIR EVERYWHERE.

I really like ghoulia’s sculpt wowie zowie